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Self taught I initially travelled and learnt the art of drawing on the streets of Wuppertal & Dusseldorf in Germany between 2002/05.

In between this time a couple of small - humble exhibitions helped fund further travels to France and Venice - where i could feed my then hunger to work, learn and progress. Since 2008 I happily returned and re rooted to Woodbridge Suffolk, where painting with oils and pastels naturally took over from drawing. Having discovered a love of being inspired by plants and gardens, helped me work towards a semi abstractism and looser style of working. This style started to appear naturally in still lifes and interior works of which I have always loved returning to and indeed the figurative.

In the last couple of years I find myself being pulled more and more towards working purely in an abstract sense - using the palette knife more than the brush. Music is an essential part of my day and night and helps me sometimes to enter a certain frame of mind when needing to work rhythmically. Naturally being with and working in silence too can be equally rewarding.

I hope you enjoy some of my works and that they speak for themselves.